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Eco Lounge Chair

Eco Lounge Chair

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The Eco Collection boasts a revised design made from ocean waste plastic. Characterised by its lightweight, repeating slat and metal frames, this series is suitable for outdoors and represents a pioneering solution to averting ocean pollution.

Eco Lounge Chair is designed to promote responsible consumption and production (SDGs 12) and life below water (SDGs 14) conservation, honoring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The product is made from ocean waste plastic and recycled plastic (PP), furthering the goals of the Partnership for the Goals (SDGs 17).

The Eco Collection is designed for disassembly, allowing its components to be recycled into new production circles in their purest form.


Ocean waste plastic


W - 72 cm
D - 63 cm
H - 67cm
Sh - 39 cm
Armrest height - 55cm

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