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Borg Bench Corten

Borg Bench Corten

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This corten steel bench is perfect for someone who wants a unique and modern look for their outdoor space. The table is made of corten steel, which gives it a beautiful, rusty finish. This sturdy, beautifully crafted bench is perfect for outdoor living. Its distinctive design will make a statement in any outdoor setting. Plus, its corrosion-resistant nature means it won't require regular maintenance or upkeep. Enjoy a stylish and durable bench with Borg Bench Corten.



Corten Steel.
Corten Steel products are not (fully) rusted on delivery.
*Please see image for rust process


• All products must be unpacked immediately after delivery.
• Every kind of (hard) wood will turn grey under the influence of UV radiation, weather and wind. The final colour depends on the starting colour.
• Wood is a natural product that “works” and will shrink or expand depending on temperature and moisture content.
• Corten Steel should never be constantly in moisture, it should drain well and ventilate in all situations.
• Coastal areas: We do not recommend using Corten steel within a radius of 2 km from a coastline.

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