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Bowl Planter Sandblasted

Bowl Planter Sandblasted

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This Large Sandblast Bowl Planter is crafted from a strong, dark clay fired at high temperatures and then blasted with sand. The result is a frost-resistant and durable clay with a textured, pitted surface and simple shape, creating a captivating look set among other outdoor planters. Ideal for planting Agaves and Bonsai, this Bowl Planter Sandblasted can also be utilized as a fishpond or large bird bath.
Stability is ensured with a broad, sturdy base made to accommodate top-heavy plants and trees. The texture is stoneware, with a colour finish throughout. Heavy duty, this robust material is ideal for wind-facing or insecure locations. Resilient and durable, it is ideal for low-maintenance or public areas and is frost, UV and weather resistant for both indoor and outdoor use. Pre-drilled drainage holes are included.





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