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Ceder Planter

Ceder Planter

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The bowl-shaped Ceder Planter is an ideal addition to any large patio. For optimal results, use seasonal plants such as pansies and marigolds. Our fibreglass planter is made with high-quality materials for superior sturdiness and durability. The reinforcement prevents splitting and the fibreglass is dyed through so the planter will retain its colour over time. It is also easy to maintain; simply wipe down with a damp cloth and the planter will appear as good as new. Enjoy the versatility of the Ceder Planter and add beauty to your outdoor space.




5-year guarantee.
Fibreglass planters are frost-resistant and strengthened to prevent warping.
Lightweight and very strong.
Finished with a double-turned edge.
The fibreglass has a thickness of 3 mm.
Includes hidden feet and circles for drilling drainage holes. This ensures that the planter floats a little above the ground (15 mm) and has optimal drainage after drainage holes have been drilled.

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