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Classic Planter

Classic Planter

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The Classic Planters present a contemporary aesthetic. Buxus Topiary Balls will provide a formal appearance, while Hydrangeas and Lavender create a more informal ambience (as pictured). As time passes, these planters will develop a picturesque patina, creating an antique classic effect. The zinc finish on arrival will mellow to a lighter hue as a result of natural oxidisation. Plus, these planters come complete with a drainage hole and rubber bung for use indoors or outdoors. The zinc finish is easy to care for and will keep your planters looking beautiful over time. With its timeless design, this planter is a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.





Small -
50cm W x 50cm D x 50cm H
Internal Measurements: 42cm x 42cm Top , 35cm x 35cm Base
Weight: 16kg

Medium -
60cm W x 60cm D x 60cm H
Internal Measurements: 52cm x 52cm Top , 44cm x 44cm Base
Weight: 23kg

Large -
70cm W x 70cm D x 70cm H
Internal Measurements: 62cm x 62cm Top , 54cm x 54cm Base
Weight: 36kg

Tall 90cm -
40cm W x 40cm D x 90cm H
Internal Measurements: 33cm x 33cm top , 24cm x 24cm Base
Weight: 19kg

Tall 120cm -
50cm W x 50cm D x 120cm H
Internal Measurements: 42cm x 42cm Top , 35cm x 35cm Base
Weight: 32kg

Trough -
100cm W x 40cm D x 50cm H
Internal Measurements: 92cm x 33cm Top, 85cm x 24cm Base
Weight: 25kg

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