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Water Bowl Coated

Water Bowl Coated

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The water bowl is a beautiful addition to almost any outdoor space. It will create a pleasant, tranquil environment.

The steel water bowl is coated with anthracite. With its modern design, it will look splendid in any garden. Adding this water decoration to your garden will make it a place where you can really relax and unwind. Our water bowls are multifunctional. They have a hole that can be sealed with a rubber stopper, allowing them to be used as a planter.



Galvanised Steel


5-year guarantee.
The colour of the coating is DB703 (anthracite).
Coated steel water bowls are hard-wearing, weather-resistant, low-maintenance and durable.
Products should be unpacked immediately upon receipt to release any moisture trapped inside the packaging. If the product is left in its packaging, it may develop patches of uneven discolouration.
The craftsmanship and handwork results in a robust look, with occasional blemishes, making each product unique.
Our water features should be installed on a firm, level surface.
We strongly recommend against drilling in or grinding the metal.
The water used in this product should have a neutral pH value (7) to protect the look and quality of the material.
Clean annually by hosing dirt from the product with clean tap water, followed by cleaning with detergent. Do not use a pressure washer and/or scouring pad for this purpose. This damages the coating.

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