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Cosmo Concrete Fire Table

Cosmo Concrete Fire Table

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Enjoy your outdoor space while staying warm with the Cosmo Concrete Fire Table. Featuring a durable concrete construction, you can take advantage of the natural heat radiating from the fire. The Cosmo Concrete Fire Table is designed to provide you with a dependable source of warmth and ambience, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings.



Fire Lighter Ethanol only*

This refillable butane lighter supports the safe ignition of the lighting rod. The length of the lighter further enhances the management of the lighting process.

Lighting Rod Ethanol only*

This operational accessory enables you to safely adjust the slider position of the Burner at any time. It is also used for the ignition and extinguishing procedures.

Jerry Can 5L Ethanol only*

Safety features include automatic stop flow, fast flow rate, locking thumb button control, and self-venting system.

XL Baffles

XL Baffles are used to regulate and further stabilise the flame increasing fuel efficiency of the burner.

Black Glass Charcoal

The Black Glass Charcoal is made from high-quality tempered glass and has been designed to withstand harsh weather and temperatures of up to 1300ºF/700ºC.

Bottle Adaptor

The adaptor connects the safety spout from the Jerry Can straight onto the e-NRG bottle making fuelling the fire quicker and easier.


Concrete Composite.
Stainless Steel.


L 1270mm
W 762mm
H 296mm


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