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Double Edge Hoe & Weeder

Double Edge Hoe & Weeder

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Japanese style Double Edge Hoe and Weeder This versatile tool is designed to help you tackle your toughest outdoor projects with ease. It combines the power of two tools in one - the precision of a weeder and the strength of a hoe - to quickly make light work of cultivating, weeding, and many other garden jobs.



***Important: These items are designed for gardening purposes. However, some, such as the Hori Hori Knife and Grafting Knife, contain blades and thus are classified as knives. As such, we are not able to sell them to those under 18. By ordering, customers confirm that they are at least 18 years old. It is the buyer's responsibility to use these tools safely and correctly. If you proceed to purchase this item you are confirming and accepting the above.


Handle - ergonomically crafted handle in wood
Blade - sharp carbon steel


Handle: ergonomically crafted handle in wood 265mm
Blade: sharp carbon steel 110mm x 87mm (tapering to 1mm)

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