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Gardeners box set from Opinel

Gardeners box set from Opinel

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Opinel's gardeners box set is an ideal present to give a green thumb during any season. This collection includes a small garden hand saw, garden knife, and pruning knife, stored in a stunning wooden box. Opinel knives have been crafted from the Savoie region of France since the late 1800s, and their quality is renowned.


The handles of the Gardeners Box Set are crafted from French forest wood, boasting a vein-free design in striking shades of green, pink, and orange. The blades are specially treated to be anti-corrosive and made from top-tier Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. Additionally, the knives feature Virobloc safety rings for secure use.



***Important: These items are designed for gardening purposes. However, some, such as the Hori Hori Knife and Grafting Knife, contain blades and thus are classified as knives. As such, we are not able to sell them to those under 18. By ordering, customers confirm that they are at least 18 years old. It is the buyer's responsibility to use these tools safely and correctly. If you proceed to purchase this item you are confirming and accepting the above.


Mixed Materials of Gardening Tools

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