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Gardening Axe

Gardening Axe

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An axe perfectly sized for shaping the garden, splitting logs into kindling for your fireplace - a must-have for any passionate gardener! This axe is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who loves to tend to their garden. Its skillfully designed construction makes it ideal for crafting beautiful outdoor havens and radiating cozy warmth on chill nights. The delightful leather sheath accompanying this offering adds a functional, fashionable finish.



High Quality carbon steel head complete with cowhide cover
Lightweight ergonmically designed ash handle


Gardening Axe:

Total length of Handle: 330mm

Width of Handle (widest point): 55mm

Length of Axe: 140mm

Depth of Axe Head (deepest Measurement): 90mm

Sharpening Stone (For Axe)

100mm x 35mm x 15mm


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