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Leaf Balls

Leaf Balls

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The Leaf Balls are made of hundreds of individually cut leaves, layered and hand welded onto a spherical frame. They look stunning placed in flower beds surrounded by lavender or in groups of threes and fives with the other sized Leaf Balls. This modern, stylish design is low maintenance and durable, retaining its beauty for years to come. It won't fade, rot, or degrade over time, making it perfect for all your outdoor landscaping needs.




Small -
25cm dia. x 26cm H
Weight: 5kg

Medium -
40cm dia. x 42cm H
Weight: 12kg

Large -
50cm dia. x 55cm H
Weight: 18kg

X Large -
70cm dia. x 75cm H
Weight: 35kg

90cm dia. x 92cm H
Weight: 65kg


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