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Outdoor Kitchen Grill Halo Piezo

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Halo Piezo

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Originating in the Burgundian region of the Netherlands, the Outdoor Kitchen Grill brings the culture of communal eating to outdoor cooking. The product is a gas-fired grill with a large cooking area, perfect for events and catering. It's not just a practical tool, but a visually stunning centerpiece for any outdoor setting.

The Outdoor Kitchen Grill outdoor kitchen boasts an attractive and cosy design. Its gas-fired ring is engineered for uniform heat distribution, providing just the right temperature for you to enjoy cooking your favourite dishes. The gas cylinder is concealed by a bamboo door, which wonderfully complements the classic look of corten steel. Plus, bamboo is a sustainable material.


Corten Steel.
See photo for rust process.


1005 x 1000


5-year guarantee.
Comes pre-weathered with a natural layer of rust.
It is also available with wheels so you can move it around.
The grill plate is made of 10-mm thick S235 steel.
Ring diameter: 1005 mm.
Has a large cooking surface so you can create multiple heat zones. This offers a range of temperatures on the grill, allowing you to easily cook a variety of items at once.
The grill will reach a cooking temperature of 275-300°C about 25–30 minutes after the fire is lit.
Finished with bamboo elements. Bamboo naturally shrinks and swells very little.

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