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Outdoor Kitchen Grill Bole

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Bole

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Originating from the Burgundy region of the Netherlands, the Outdoor Kitchen Grill Bole brings together al fresco dining and outdoor cooking. With ample space to accommodate large outdoor parties, this grilling appliance is both highly practical and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor decor. Plus, it features a storage compartment for wood.

The Outdoor Kitchen Grill Bole provides a stylish environment, and its precision-crafted specialty ring ensures even heat distribution to provide an ideal cooking setting for all your recipes.


Corten Steel.
See photo for rust process.


805 x 1000 mm


5-year guarantee.
Comes pre-weathered with a natural layer of rust.
Ring diameter: 1005 mm.
A large cooking surface so you can create multiple heat zones. This offers a range of temperatures on the grill, allowing you to easily cook a variety of items at once.
Flush grill diameter: 500 mm.
The grill plate is made of 10-mm thick S235 steel.
The grill will reach a cooking temperature of 275-300°C about 25–30 minutes after the fire is lit.
Grill set not included. The grill set provides adjustable working heights to control the cooking temperature. The grill set also acts as a food bumper, preventing food from sliding into the fire.
Finished with bamboo elements. Bamboo naturally shrinks and swells very little.

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