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Oval Planter Fibreglass

Oval Planter Fibreglass

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Enhance your garden with the sleek, curvaceous design of the Oval Planter Fibreglass. Its elegant shape and natural beauty will elevate the aesthetics of any outdoor space. Incorporate this stunning planter to add a touch of sophistication to your garden game. This Oval Fibreglass Planter is expertly designed with a sleek, curvaceous shape that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Incorporating this piece into your garden will add a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your landscape.




5-year guarantee.
Fibreglass planters are frost-resistant and strengthened to prevent warping.
Lightweight and very strong.
Finished with a double-turned edge.
The fibreglass has a thickness of 3 mm.
Includes circles in the base for drilling drainage holes. A channel in the base ensures that the planter floats a little above the ground (15 mm) and has optimal drainage after drainage holes have been drilled.
Do not use a pressure washer and/or scouring pad. This damages the coating.

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