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Patio/Balcony Electric Radiant Heater 1600W

Patio/Balcony Electric Radiant Heater 1600W

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Ideal for providing heat to undercover outdoor areas such as partially covered patios or balconies. No harsh red glare - creates a tranquil, subtle glow. Spot radiant heaters produce a subtle orange glow which is only 30-40% of the light output of the traditional radiant heaters. Discover light-reducing color-matching grill screens in black or white that envelope midwave radiant heaters for near-instantaneous warmth (<15 secs).




670 x 184 x 78 mm


Included accessories:
- Bracket for Wall or Ceiling Mounting
- IR Remote Control (Infrared)

Heat output - 1600W / 5,460 BTU/h
Electrical connection - 110 - 120V AC~, 50/60 Hz, 13.91A

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