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Pedestal Seat

Pedestal Seat

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Our pedestal seat offers a timeless design that integrates beautifully with any garden. Made of sturdy aluminium, it serves as a comfortable seat or the perfect base to showcase any garden sculpture. With its sleek design, it adds a cosy corner to your outdoor space and complements the lush greenery.

The aluminum composition of the Pedestal Seat ensures strong resistance to corrosion, even in freezing temperatures. Long-lasting durability is also provided through a hard topcoat finish. This finish provides scratch resistance, so you can enjoy the product for many years. In addition, the Pedestal Seat is available in a variety of colors.



Garapa hardwood seat.


3000x400x430 - 56KG

2000x400x430 - 39KG

1500x400x430 - 29KG

1000x400x430 - 20KG


5-year guarantee.
Load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg.
Includes Garapa hardwood seat.
Aluminium pedestals are very robust, hard-wearing, resistant to corrosion and durable.
The aluminium has a thickness of 3 mm.
Scratch-resistant topcoat.

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