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Shallow Rust Bowl Planter

Shallow Rust Bowl Planter

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Crafted with expertise, our Shallow Rust Bowl Planter is perfect for large-scale planting. Its modern and sleek design seamlessly combines practicality and aesthetics. From succulent arrangements to tall olive trees, our clients trust this planter for a wide range of uses. Its impressive design and functionality make it the ideal choice for all your planting needs, whether it's succulents or grandiose trees.


Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete.



• Stability – providing a broad sturdy base for top heavy plants/trees.
• Fully coloured resin – colour finish is throughout the material.
• Lightweight Stoneware looks - great manoeuvrability for hard to reach areas.
• Resilient and Durable – suitable for low maintenance or public areas.
• Frost, UV and weather resistant – Indoor and Outdoor use.
• Drainage holes pre-drilled.

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