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Tap Planter

Tap Planter

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The square, tapered shape of the tap gives it a chic look. This wooden planter will work well in projects with square planters.

The Tap Planter is made of tropical hardwood, which gives gardens a warm and robust look. All our hardwood is classified as durability class 2 and will last up to 25 years. The use of hardwood creates a planter that blends beautifully with the lush greenery of the garden environment.

Due to the high durability class of the wood, this hardwood planter needs no further treatment. The planter will turn grey over time. This colour change does not affect the quality of the planter. The planter is constructed using only high-quality stainless-steel fasteners, and the base is lined with an anti-root membrane.




5-year guarantee.
Hardwood planters are strong and hard-wearing.
We use only hardwood with durability class 2 in our hardwood planters.
The hardwood has a thickness of at least 21 mm.

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