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The Grill

The Grill

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The Grill is a revolutionary outdoor furniture piece that doubles as a fire pit and barbecue. It contains a bowl for fuel, as well as two semi-circular cooking surfaces - a grilling grid and a frying plate - located atop the bowl. This unique design allows you to cook different types of food at once, so you can easily prepare for large groups or special occasions.

The total diameter of both cooking surfaces is 60cm and fuel options include charcoal, briquettes, or wood, allowing for easy shift from fire pit to barbecue and vice versa.

The tiny pores of the cast iron surface structure of The Grill trap in the meats' natural flavours and fats, delivering an ideal taste experience.

*Our Premium BBQ Tool Set is the perfect complement to The Grill!


Grill Grate - Enamelled cast iron
Table - Black painted stainless steel


Dia 60 cm
W 74 cm
H table 81 cm
H Grill 95 cm


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