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Verona Planter

Verona Planter

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The Verona is a square, contemporary planter with a splayed bottom and simple lipping at the top. The Verona planter makes a wonderful addition to any garden and can be used for many different purposes, such as defining an entrance, lining a walkway or accenting a courtyard. This planter will develop a beautiful aged patina over time, giving them an antique classic look. The planters will arrive in a weathered zinc finish, but over time they will lighten due to the natural oxidisation process. Verona planters are made from high-grade alloy zinc, making them extremely durable, weather-resistant, and corrosion-proof. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful addition to your garden for years to come.




    Small -
    45cm W x 45cm D x 45cm H
    Internal Measurements: 38cm x 38cm
    Weight: 16kg

    Medium -
    55cm W x 55cm D x 55cm H
    Internal Measurements: 48cm x 48cm
    Weight: 24kg

    Large -
    70cm W x 70cm D x 70cm H
    Internal Measurements: 62cm x 62cm
    Weight: 38kg

    Trough -
    100cm W x 40cm D x 50cm H
    Internal Measurements: 92cm x 33cm Top
    Weight: 28kg


    These planters also come with a drainage hole, complete with a rubber bung, which gives you the option to use the planter both inside or out in the garden.

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