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Water Block Corten

Water Block Corten

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This unique self-contained Water Block Corten feature flows attractively over all four sides, allowing for installation in any outdoor area. The tranquil streams of water flow gently over the edges into the collection tank, producing a peaceful visual spectacle. Manual topping-up is necessary to ensure adequate water levels.

The Water Block Corten is an elegant outdoor focal point. The stainless steel nozzle has LED lights, and the water gently cascades down the sides of the block into the underground collection tank, before being re-circulated via the pump. At night, the LED lights create an atmospheric effect.

Corten steel has an orange-brown patina, giving the water block a bold, warm look. The colour is the result of a natural layer of rust. Another name for corten steel is weathering steel: weather conditions have a positive effect on this material.


Corten Steel.
Corten Steel products are not (fully) rusted on delivery.
*Please see image for rust process


5-year guarantee (pumps 2-year guarantee, LED lights 1-year guarantee).
Includes LED lighting, pump and fountain.
Corten steel water blocks are hard-wearing, weather-resistant, low-maintenance and durable.
The corten steel has a standard thickness of 2 mm.
Products are delivered without rust. The corten steel rusting process takes about 4-5 months, depending on weather conditions. 

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