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Water Table Round & LED

Water Table Round & LED

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This water table features sensational LED lighting and captivating fountains, controllable independently; plus, its self-contained design makes topping up the water as simple as can be.

Our round water tables are distinctive and stylish garden ornaments. Their rounded forms add style and dynamism to garden spaces. The aluminium water table will look lovely among the lush greenery of any garden. All our water tables include a pump and LED-lit fountains as standard. So you can enjoy this water feature at night too!

Aluminium is corrosion resistant: the water table can withstand freezing temperatures and other weather conditions without damage. You will be able to enjoy this product for many years. The aluminium water table is available in several colours.





1000x400 - 26KG

1200x400 - 35KG

1450x400 - 48KG

1000x750 - 36KG

1200x750 - 46KG

1450x750 - 61KG


5-year guarantee (pumps 2-year guarantee, LED lights 1-year guarantee).
Aluminium water tables are very robust, hard-wearing, resistant to corrosion and durable.
The aluminium has a thickness of 3 mm.
Scratch-resistant topcoat.
We also supply professional maintenance products.

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