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Wood Storage Rest

Wood Storage Rest

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This wood storage alternative is a multi-purpose solution for any exterior, as it can serve as a centerpiece, side table, or seating. Its minimalist, contemporary look creates a visually pleasing and reasonably priced option for those desiring a modernized touch. The lightweight build and waterproof coating guarantee its resilience over multiple seasons, providing an excellent investment for any outdoor space.



Corten Steel.
Corten Steel products are not (fully) rusted on delivery.
*Please see image for rust process


1200x400x424 - 45KG


*Produced using 3mm thick Corten steel.
*All our products come with a 5 year warranty.
*All Corten Steel products come as newly fabricated steel.
*It may take several weeks to achieve the rusty look once exposed to the elements. *This rust process will take about 4-5 months. 

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